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VPecker Easydiag Xtuner Wifi Name Miss or Changed to "HF-LPT120"

If the VPecker Easydiag Xtuner Wifi name miss or changed to "HF-LPT120", you can install VPecker Wifi Upgrade V6.2 to configure it back.
This tool can configure the name of your Vpecker wifi. (If the name changed back the default name "HF-LPT120")
How to change back Vpecker Easydiag Xtuner Wifi Name ?
Step1: Connect the WIFI "HF-LPT120" manually
Step2: Run the tool "Conf.exe"
Step3: Click "Update" button and wait the data update successful
Step4: Click "Wifi Conf" button
Step5: Power OFF Vpecker and Power ON again
After that, the wifi name will change to the series number of Vpecker.